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1.ASrecharge provides Recharge of Prepaid Phones (India) for personal use and not commercial use. The user in using this facility agrees to the following Terms 1. The User is solely responsible for entering the correct information ( phone number, recharge value, etc.) 2.ASrecharge is not responsible for problem in recharge due to faulty internet connection, electricity failure or PC system error or any kind of problem on the side of the user during recharge 3. ASrecharge is not liable for any changes in talk value by the service provider or validity period by operator. ASrecharge is not liable for any problem while recharging. If the user finds a problem with the recharge value of a recharge coupon, the user will need to contact respective service pr 4.Distributor cannot do direct recharges. 5. AS RECHARGE is not responsible for any wrong recharges, pls check the Mobile Number & Amount carefully before doing recharge. 6. If customer do not get benefit of any recharge, complaint must be done within 24 hours. After onwards AS RECHARGE will not be responsible 7. Wrong recharge is not refundable. 8. For any queries call MOB. 9837118124 Whatsapp Helpline 9119777666